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Animal Communication

Animals and People, homes or dwellings are all interwoven, including the land. We are all connected, so there is no wonder that if an animal is showing, or behaving in a strange or aggressive way that something is wrong. Animals feel, and do have emotional states too, and also they remember very well.

Animal communication is the universal language of telepathy, which refers to, tele meaning far away or distance, and pathy meaning of the feelings. Ingrid then begins to tune in and feel, exactly what the animal is trying to say.  Receiving information given by the animals, Ingrid can tell the keeper of the animal, what’s going on... with some surprising results!

Soul-to-Soul Testimonial

As an animal aromatics practitioner, I have met and worked alongside many talented therapists and healers.  It was my horse that chose Ingrid to communicate through.

Ingrid was genuine and heartfelt as she spoke for Tzar my much loved and missed horse.  Her descriptions and dialogue were incredibly accurate.  I had waited 8 years for hear from Tzar as his death left many unanswered questions.  Since my meeting with Ingrid I have found peace!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Denna Schwartz

What type of consultation is needed?

The use of a photograph and hair sample can prove very useful.  It can prove and give evidence to help both animal and owner.  Soul to soul connections, are very useful, for bereavement issues: to help people and animals to move on, to assist with the grieving process, and to aid with healing.  Tracking of new animals finds the ideal match for the existing animal group.  Lost or stolen animals are a very complex issue and they are very difficult to locate.

Home visits are very good.  They are less stressful, and can prove to be the ideal consultation.  Bear in mind your location and you are not too far away.  I am based in the Swindon area.



If you have something you need to discuss,
please call me:

mobile: 07923 245130



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Home Visit Case Study

Animal Communication on my anxious mare and some Reiki healing proved to be rewarding.  Ingrid was to advise me on a bitless bridle, and to bare foot with the mare if at all possible.  Ingrid could pick up that my horse had a sensitive mouth and sore feet.  The horse was so responsive and light to the bitless bridle.  From then on my mare was so much better.  She never took off any more on hacks out, and we all know how scary that can be!  The health of her feet and hooves are truly amazing.  After Ingrid’s visit, my mare follows me around all the time, whereas before she would turn away.  

Ingrid’s Animal Communication was truly amazing and rewarding for my anxious mare!

Thanks Karly

Services Provided

  • Reiki Healing for Animals, People, Property & Land  

  • Animal Communication

  • 1-2-1 Consultations

  • Home visits are less stressful, if you are not too far away

  • Readings for Animals via photographs & hair swatches

  • Help to solve behavioural issues, training and re-homing problems

  • Telephone consultations

  • Soul-to-Soul connections

  • The Tracking of new animals, to find the ideal match for your animal group

  • Bereavement issues

  • Workshops on how to communicate and talk to the animals

  • Private Psychic readings for you, or groups/parties, talks and demonstrations

  • Spirit Attachment Release for animals people or dwellings

  • Animal Psychic Readings

  • "Orbs"

  • Energy Work

  • Hand Made Wands

  • Psychic art work

Tariffs are as Follows

  • Animal readings with photograph & hair sample + Reiki Healing £40

  • Remote or absent Reiki Healing with out picture £40

  • Soul2Soul Connections with photo £40

  • Soul2Soul Connections without photo £40

  • Psychic animal readings £40

  • Psychic readings for people £40

  • Remote viewing for properties and landscape to help balance the energies for you and your animal £40

  • Workshops for animal communication one2one classes or groups to help you regain your tools to talk to animals. £40.

  • All home visits are to be arranged beforehand, please contact me for a visit.

Bear in mind your area:  you may be just too far away from me for a home visit.  Sorry about that.

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